Zariadenia pre Pieskovacie Haly- Prachové filtre



"SAPI" cartridge filter "SCHIROCCO" 5-30 / 7.500 - 40.000 m3
in module design, consisting in detail of:
  • filter housing welded of electrolytic zinc-coated sheet steel (strength 3mm)
  • swinging out inspection-door
  • dust funnel with slot valve sack buckle and fixing plate for afterwards attaching of a compressed-air vibrator
  • filter connection piece for contamination-free cartridge change
  • built-in filter cartridges
  • difference pressure depending on cleaning
  • compressed-air cleaning with pressure tank, magnet and membrane valves
  • control box with program switching device for the automatic compressed-air cleaning inclusive differential pressure switch and follow-up cleaning, completely wired
  • sound insulation for the compressed-air cleaning
  • filter pressure reducer with automatic ventilation with manometer and sinter filter

The high efficiency rate makes the re-usage of the filtered air, in most cases possible. This means less energy costs for heating and ventilation, because the filtered air has already room temperature. The high efficiency is also very important, regarding the increasingly stricter environmental regulations, especially concerning dangerous dust.
The filter cartridges are being cleaned automatically pair wise with pressured air thrusts, while the remaining filter cartridges are still operating. The contamination level of the filter system is shown by a differential pressure manometer.



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